Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How Fast the Day's Go By!

Wow! It is already February.

January was busy, busy, busy....

Even with Larry's foot creating some interuption, life kept right on going.

The Home Show was everything and more that they worked hard for it to be. Still not the numbers hoped for in attendance, but for those who attended, they received a fair share or more of sales, rentals, and services.

I picked up with the doctor and had the MRI done, results Feb 19th and began PT which includes 30 minutes of traction every other day. The process has helped with the pain thus far, so I will stay with it for the time prescribed. Then, other then the traction, which will reduce to once a week adventurely, we are setting up an area for me to do the excercises at home. Wow! I guess that means I will have a workout area/weightroom?

As the Christmas came down, our regular items did not come back out or go up. Instead we began working on finishing the last two rooms of the main house, the kitchen and family room. Since our daughter announced or actually asked if they could have the wedding here at the house, it is now a must be done thing! We cut out patterns of the size cabinets and have them all placed, measured, and are now ready to order. Since it will take 6-8 weeks for them to arrive we will have time to take down the popcorn ceiling, move power and water to their new locations, paint and lay the flooring.

At the same time, we have two storage sheds being delivered Friday. These are needed to get car parts and Christmas boxes out of one great room so that we can make it into two more bedrooms. Making the guest house a studio with 2 bedrooms instead of a just a studio. How we are doing it, it will be able to host 2 families at the same time, comfortably. With the storage sheds placed where we are putting them, it will create a 30 x 40 backyard area for the guest house as well as it's own parking area.

As if all that isn't enough, the pool got drained, cleaned and continue working on the projects out there. A windstorm took out 2 sections of fence that is micky moused right but the new holes have been marked and the post arrive after we get back from our Napa trip for Valentines, giving us plenty of time to coninue preparing the flagstone for seal without the fence in our way. Once the fence is up, we will have established a true level and more concrete will be poured and finished to complete the hardscape so finally the landscape can finally go in. All the pool work should be done by our Juy 4th Annual Get Together.

In between all that, Anthony had his Mario WII party here. Other years we had planned outside party's for him but it would be nippy out. So this year, Amber found how to throw a WII party. As it turned out, it was 83 outside and keeping them inside just wasn't happening. Kids seem to like my beach.

Other things of interest this last month, The presidents inauguation. Watched it.

The Cardinals made it to super bowl, had a great come back toward the end of the 4th quarter, but then lost it.

And finally, there has been racing programs starting up. So ready for Daytona.

New Year resolutions at work. Some moving faster then other, but there are still 11 more months to go.

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